Can Lavender Oil Help People With Diabetes?

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "lavender oil"At the first sight, it looks impossible and completely irrelevant that lavender oil can help people who suffer from diabetes. At least most doctors and experts believe that. However, a study back in 2014 proved that lavender oil can help people with diabetes. In a matter of fact, it offers several benefits and it is highly recommended.

The study we just mentioned has been conducted in Tunisia and the final result proved that lavender oil can reduce most of the risks diabetes has on patients. The best benefit is that all you need to do is to buy pure lavender oil and use it once per day, as people in the study did. In essence, this essential oil will reduce the risk of:

  • Changed metabolism.
  • Weight gain.
  • The increase of the glucose levels.
  • Antioxidant depletion in the liver in kidneys (this is one of the reasons why diabetes is deadly).
  • Other liver and kidney damages.

The biggest issue is that this was obtained by just one study. There are no additional information nor additional details, conducted elsewhere in the world. Nevertheless, chances are high that this is promising research that may help cure or at least treat diabetes. In other words, lavender may become the best cure we have for diabetes.

Something more about this essential oil

Lavender oil has been used by ancient Romans and Greeks, usually as a perfume. Over the centuries, people discovered useful benefits of it and they started implementing it into additional products, such as cures, special liquids and even in cooking. Even today, people from certain cultures use lavender oil to spice their meals. It is a well-known flavor booster that affects all the meals, food types, and even drinks. Adding just one drop to your tea can make it taste mush stronger and become more pleasant than ever.

Egyptians however, used lavender oil in beauty treatments and they actually were the leaders in this matter. They have mastered this type of essential oil, probably due to the fact it is native to the northern parts of the Africa, so Egyptians were the first people to find the benefits and usages of lavender oil.

Today, lavender, the plant that is used to deliver lavender oil grows in most parts of the world. It is possible to plant it in your garden and to use it to make essential oil, or as a perfume.  Lavender has amazing and calming scent that is commonly used in detergents, soaps and etc.

At the time of writing this article, there were some speculations that several research facilities in the United States are working on detecting new data regarding the lavender oil and its effects on diabetes. There are a lot of chances that lavender oil becomes the most important ingredient in medications used in treating diabetes. Another, important thing to know is that lavender essential oil doesn’t have any side effects to diabetes patients. It is perfectly safe to be used, by all people except pregnant women.